About SGM Management And Design Ltd

Our team is made up of outstanding professionals who are passionate about what they do. We are completely focused on meeting every single one of our client's requirements, and not just on completing the job. We provide a bespoke, consultative service to clients throughout the UK. Since SGM Management & Design Ltd. began in 1989, we have managed multiple projects for retailers as concessions, on the high street and in retail parks. We have carried out a range of contracts including coffee shops and fast food outlets along with offices and restaurants. Since our services are tailored to your business needs, we thrive in any sector, providing the same high-quality work.

Meet The Team

Anton Anderson Bernadette Keams Claudia Loewe Cathryn Bower Gemma Whitmore

Anton Anderson
Managing Director

Bernadette Keams
Interior Designer

Claudia Loewe
Interior Designer

Cathryn Bower
Senior Administrator

Gemma Whitmore
Interior Designer

Michael Cockroft Rachael Barton Debbie Lush Paul Williams Stephen Roberts

Michael Cockroft
Finance Administrator

Rachael Barton
Project Manager

Debbie Lush

Paul Williams
Technical Approvals Manager

Stephen Roberts
Project Manager

Bibi Youshra Jeewooth Laura Pickervance Gabriella Radi Grady Holmes Jennifer Nightingale 

Bibi Youshra Jeewooth
Interior Designer

Laura Pickervance
Interior Designer

Gabriella Radi
Interior Designer

Grady Holmes
Project Manager

Jennifer Nightingale
Interior Designer

Jessie Webber Susie Simons David Tabbron

Jessie Webber
Interior Designer

Susie Simons
Interior Designer

David Tabbron
​​​​​​​Project Manager